Since 1990 till now, the company "Giannioti Vasiliki - Dough Creations" follows the family tradition in production, in the marketing and distribution of fresh and frozen pastry products. The main motivation in this effort is the trust of our customers that push us more and more to create and sell new products keeping always their quality.

And all this, thanks to the modern facilities and the latest technology equipment that the company has. The main concern is the observance of hygiene and safety rules certified with ISO HACCP (22000). "Giannioti Vassiliki - Pastry Creations" marries the traditional with the modern combining the pure raw materials with the taste of its people, uniting the seasons and the cultures in dough through one travel experiences.

An experience in the world of pastry and enjoyment. For us, the creation of the dough is a ritual in living conditions where the times make dealing with taste a high art. Starting point is the Greek taste, our goal is the unique taste!

Giannioti Vasiliki

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